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paybyatweet, ever heard of it?

I just experienced something crazy…someone gave me a very nice PSD template in exchange for posting a tweet promoting the treasure I had found. After I sent it off, they let me download the file.¬†That’s neat! Paying with Twitter. Since June of 2010? I’m surprised it took this long. It’s so basically obvious and useful. … Continue reading

Gamification of job search

I sat down with Michael Ellison and his product team yesterday at Riviera Partners in San Francisco to talk about the future of recruiting and job search. Michael is a product guy who has been brought in to a service company to innovate with the business’s employees and customers in mind. While I will keep … Continue reading

Big Data and gamification

We must be absolutely clear on this point before we can proceed. The game is not the experience. The game enables the experience, but it is not the experience…As designers, we don’t really care about the [proverbial] tree and how it falls [if no one is there to hear it] – we care only about … Continue reading

Notes from The Art of Game Design, Chapters 5-8

Let’s remember that design is solving a problem, not being artistic for the sake of beauty. What is the problem we are trying to solve?¬† What assumptions are we working with? When is the problem considered solved? When solving a problem, more iterations = a better solution. The spiral model (similar to Agile): Basic Design … Continue reading

Notes from The Art of Game Design, Chapters 1-4

Purpose The game designer is crafting an experience where the player can control the pace and sequence of events, unlike in a movie. In a game, there is an element of play- manipulation that indulges curiosity. Games are: entered willfully have goals have conflict have rules can be won or lost are interactive are challenging … Continue reading