paybyatweet, ever heard of it?

I just experienced something crazy…someone gave me a very nice PSD template in exchange for posting a tweet promoting the treasure I had found.

After I sent it off, they let me download the file. That’s neat!

Paying with Twitter. Since June of 2010? I’m surprised it took this long. It’s so basically obvious and useful. But still, it is only useful because twitter is something I use and is important to me.

It is certainly different than an app posting on my behalf (Zynga games) or one asking me to post a read-only tweet (what I expected before I saw paybyatweet). While there was a phrase they wanted me to include, I still had 50 characters to add a personal touch.

But to iterate on the observation by The Digital Reader ( that paybyatweet works by establishing an “explicit quid pro quo” between browser-buyer, I suggest that the combination of finding something I value (treasure) and being asked to support something I like in my own style (personal touch) is what enables this technique to serve both buyer and seller.

From Enterprise Games (Hugos):

In many business settings, the first two traits of a game (a goal and rules) already exist, so the next thing to do to bring a game into being is to create an effective feedback system. There are three necessary conditions for creating an effective business feedback system: (1) real-time transparency of relevant data; (2) the authority to act delegated to each player; (3) a stake in the outcome for all parties.


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