Gamification of job search

I sat down with Michael Ellison and his product team yesterday at Riviera Partners in San Francisco to talk about the future of recruiting and job search. Michael is a product guy who has been brought in to a service company to innovate with the business’s employees and customers in mind. While I will keep their work private, I would like to share some of the thoughts I had that pertain to theJobDesk.

theJobDesk v1 was a simple data management website.
theJobDesk v1.1 was a Web 2.0 website, aimed at feeling more responsive and streamlined than the original.
theJobDesk v2 was an overhaul into a desktop app designed to maximize utility while preserving the improved responsiveness.

Development on and marketing of theJobDesk stopped after v2. The decision came in response to our own study that revealed we had positioned our own product outside the market defined by market segments created from our own marketing terminology.

People who lack momentum in their job search, for whatever reason, don’t need a data management tool; they dont have enough data. And people who have momentum in their job search didn’t get there by NOT managing their data.

Instead, those who lack job search momentum need something to jump start them. They need some early successes to enjoy and a baseline set of habits to adopt. And those who have momentum (but are still searching) need to improve their job search skills. Job search needs to be gamified to inject interest in areas of job search where it is lacking, create an escalation of progression for critical job search skills, provide essential feedback, and perhaps even provide safe opportunities for experimentation and failure to allow for innovation and confidence building.


One thought on “Gamification of job search

  1. Perhaps with exception of Goog, I see the web 20 era online social networkers unable to support gamification. Because all seem to extract data from sharded relational data bases, my SQL, Postgres into some graph database capability just to suggest connections in batch mode.

    Combining gamification and search looks set to be powered by by the open source implementations of Pregel

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