From On God, Krishnamurti – Seattle, 16 July 1950

Each person can create or destroy G-d according to his inclinations, pleasures or pains. Therefore, as long as thought is active, formulating, inventing, that which is beyond time can never be discovered [because thought is rooted in time]. G-d, or reality, is to be discovered only when thought comes to an end.

Most of us want to believe because it gives us a sense of security, a sense of belonging to the group. Surely this very belief separates us; you believe in one thing and I believe in another. So belief acts as a barrier; it is a process of disintegration.

As a Jew, I do not wholly reject this desire for security from belonging to a group. But I do wonder whether there is a message in the fact that the religion emerged only in the Torah when distinctions between man were already preexistent, and security was needed. Keep in mind that in the Old Testament, G-d did not deliver Judaism to the Israelites until much after Adam and Eve, only beginning in the time of Abraham when the concept of distinction through circumcision was introduced. And since the Torah does include Adam and Eve, I wonder if the true message in the Old Testament transcends the creation of Judaism.

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