Posted in October 2008


Automation has taken over many of the routine analytic tasks that knowledge workers once performed. Many of those tasks are also heading to Asia, vvhere they can be done equally well for much less. That is freeing (and in some cases forcing) professionals to do what computers and low-wage foreign technicians have a more difficult … Continue reading


Symphony, as I call this aptitude, is the ability to put together the pieces. It is the capacity to synthesize rather than to analyze; to see relationships between seemingly unrelated fields; to detect broad patterns rather than to deliver specific answers; and to invent something new by combining elements nobody else thought to pair. Symphonic … Continue reading

The source of religious law

Once when Master Tanesada, the founder of the Chiba family, was coming by sea to the island of Shikoku, a strong wind began blowing and the boat was damaged. The boat was saved from sinking by abalone gathering together and covering over the damaged sections. From that time on, none of the Chiba family nor … Continue reading

Overwhelm and aspiration

It is a great mistake for a young samurai to learn about Buddhism. The reason is that he will see things in two ways. A person who does not set himself in just one direction will be of no value at all, It is fine for retired old men to learn about Buddhism as a … Continue reading

Monks and warriors

A monk cannot fulfill the Buddhist Way if he does not manifest compassion without and persistently store up courage within. And if a warrior does not manifest courage on the outside and hold enough compassion within his heart to burst his chest, he cannot become a retainer. Therefore, the monk pursues courage with the warrior … Continue reading

Listen with deep sincerity

When you are listening to the stories of accomplished men and the like, you should listen with deep sincerity, even if it’s something about which you already know. If in listening to the same thing ten or twenty times it happens that you come to an unexpected understanding, that moment will be very special. Within … Continue reading

The Dalai Lama is human, too

I think a lot of this has to do with my nature. It’s easy for me to share things with others. I’m just not good at keeping secrets!” He laughed. “Of course sometimes this can be a negative trait. For example, there may be some discussion in the Kashag* about confidential things, and then i’ll … Continue reading

Independence (in today’s society)

As he spoke, I felt an instinctive resistance. Although I’ve always valued and enjoyed my friends and family, I’ve considered myself to be an independent person. Self-reliant. Prided myself on this quality in fact. Secretly, I’ve tended to regard overly dependent people with a kind of contempt-a sign of weakness. … It occurred to me … Continue reading


Often enough, I had witnessed his first interaction with a stranger, which was invariably positive. It started to become clear that these positive interactions weren’t accidental or simply the result of a naturally friendly personality. I sensed that he had spent a great deal of time thinking about the importance of compassion, carefully cultivating it, … Continue reading