Strategy (and objective) in designing website

From A List Apart (

The objective

The objective describes what you want the website to do. It’s one sentence, and one sentence only, that uses clear English (no web or business mumbo jumbo) to communicate purpose. An objective for A List Apart might look like this:

To establish A List Apart as the magazine of choice for anyone who wants to create better websites.

The objective is broad in scope, and needs some strategy to pull it back to Earth. Note that the verb used at the beginning of the objective can be replaced with other actions like promote, increase, position, etc.

The strategy

Your strategy will define how you are going to achieve the objective you just developed. When it’s finished, the strategy will outline the who, what, and why of the website. A strategy for the above example might look something like this:

To convince… anyone who wants to create better websites
to read… A List Apart
instead of… Reader’s Digest
because… A List Apart actually has articles on the subject whereas Reader’s Digest contains none.

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