God Spoke

He Said

It says in the Bible that God created Man in his image. Was he tall like me or short like you? Or Was he chubby like me or skinny like you? Or did he have red hair or …

Do you know how God created things? He spoke.

It comes to being committed to your own word which we give whenever we want.

I Think

I remember learning that “when God creates and we create, they are two different things. When we create, a table let’s say, it remains if we choose to walk away. But for God, if he were to create something, and then leave, that thing would cease to exist.” Not that God does not have the right or the ability to leave something if He Willed to.

Considering that, in this system, a) We still exist because God has not left us, and b) God created Us by speaking, then it indeed would mean that c) being committed to One’s word is important for God and Us. It is important for Us because without God’s commitment to His own word, We would not still exist. And since God by His own volition is staying committed to His own word, as shown by our very existence, staying committed to One’s word must be important to God as well. Especially considering the trouble we may have caused him.


I have been thinking about my relationship to my Judo coach a lot since January. I nearly walked away, but I chose to stay. I wonder if my behavior gets in the way of my achieving the goals that I have when I am in and out of the dojo. I wonder if there is more I must do to ‘earn’ my coach, such as keeping my word or giving my word to keep in the first place if I haven’t done so yet.

In thinking further about what it means for Man to create, I ask myself what does Man create. Obviously Man (and Woman) create children. But surely single Man creates something too. And I am not speaking about tables, but rather something that, when created, disappears if Man walks away. Is it Man’s aspirations? Man’s relationships?

God gave us the ability to speak and therefore create things just as He does. What did He want us to create? For our own sake, we must remember that We were created by God and, furthermore, for our own sake, we must remember that the things we have created were created by us. We must be accountable for their impact and responsible for their existence. God was accountable when he sought to correct the negative impact of people during Noah’s generation and responsible when he said he would never destroy Man again.

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